EDS activities

 Our main activities are

•Technical Talks
•FYP Competition
•Professional Workshops
•Educational Programmes


Our recent activities: 

1. Professional technical talk by Prof Micheal Pycraft Hughes on 21st April 2017 at UPM.

The talk on “Studying and Sorting Cells and Other Particles using Dielectrophoresis”, has successfully attracted 34 participants from UPM staffs, postgraduates and researchers from other local universities. In his talk, Prof Hughes has comprehensively explained on Dielectrophoresis (DEP) phenomenon, principles and how to manipulate DEP to sort and separate particles.  DEP is a phenomenon that allows direct probing of these properties without the need for chemical labels by exploiting the frequency-dependent interaction of suspended particles with non-uniform electric fields. DEP allows the characterisation of cells and biomolecules on unprecedented timescales, and the separation of cells – label-free and at low cost – at speeds equivalent to the fastest cell sorters.   This talk examined the development of technology to exploit these effects, unlocking for the first time the study of high-speed cellular electrophysiology and cell separation using a novel approach to electrode manufacture – the DEP-well .




2. Hiking at Putrajaya Challenge Park -6th May 2017

EDS Malaysia chapter has conducted an outdoor activity to enhance social networking among EDS members. 
3.Technical talk on MEMS and Photonics - 3rd May 2017
The Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN), UKM together with IEEE EDS UKM Student Branch will be organizing the following talks by Prof Joshua Lee and Dr Nelson from City University of Hong Kong entitled
Post CMOS compatible piezo on silicon resonators for frequency and control sensing
 & Chaotic laser dynamics and its applications